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Welcome to the website of The Kiwanis Club of Wilmington, Delaware

We are proud of our history as a part of the community of Wilmington Delaware since 1918. We take our direction from Kiwanis as an acronym for Kiwanis Is Where A Need Is Served. We are dedicated to living the motto of Kiwanis, "Changing the World, One Child and One Community at a time." Kiwanis International found its origin in Detroit, Michigan in 1915. From the very beginning as a service organization, Kiwanis focussed on the needs of children. We welcome similarly inclined individuals who can help us find and serve the needs of our community. Please feel welcome to join us on the first and third Wednesdays at noon in the Hotel DuPont, our home since we were first organized. You can find there people to welcome you and answer any questions you might have. Perhaps you'd like information before you visit. Click this link to our secretary Doc O'Connell

  • The Eliminate Project: Learn more | Get involved >

  • It would please us if you find it in your heart to donate to end this preventable tragedy. We think you'd appreciate the secure donation site maintained by Kiwanis/Unicef. Please let them know we sent you? If appropriate, look for Apply gift to this club's fundraising totals and type Kiwanis Wilmington DE
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    100 Years 1915-2015
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